Welcome to the homepage for Lexington Middle School.

Please use this site as a resource to all of the information you need for school business, policies and at-home learning. Allow us to introduce you to our district with a testimonial from our very own principal, Dr. Miller.

“I am proud to be part of district because I feel it bears some recognition. We have consistently been ranked one of the top schools in the area – an accomplishment we attribute to our dedication to helping children excel. However, we could not have such bright and ready minds if not for the parents and families who support these students and regularly encourage them in both their educational and personal interests and exploits. Compared to the other schools I have worked at, Lexington Middle School has the happiest students, the greatest number of opportunities, the staff most willing to work above and beyond and the most comprehensive disciplinary policies. Our standardized test scores average in the ninetieth percentile. Never before have I seen such community commitment and I wish I could give every person around town a round of applause for their contributions.”

–Principal Mike Miller, Ed.D.