About Our School

Mission Statement: The Lexington Middle School aims to serve as an educational establishment that not only teaches information and develops skills but prepares students for the future, giving them a grasp on the concept of social responsibility.

The Lexington Middle School ensures a promising future for today’s 11-14 year olds in a safe and drug-free environment. We have a zero-tolerance policy for violence, drugs and alcohol. We also expect students to return the same respect to their peers and their teachers that they are given. Our students explore all faces of knowledge including English & Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences, Art, Music, Home Economics, Technology, Foreign Language and Physical Education. We enable all graduates the foundations of learning for high school and the capability to succeed in life. Lexington Middle School is a place of learning for students in grades 6-8. Our total student population for the 2011-12 year is 722 and we expect this number to increase by nearly 100 in the near future.

Our school contains these facilities on its property.

Sixth Grade Wing
The new sixth grade wing has opened up on the west side of the building providing over a dozen new smart classrooms for first-year middle school students.

Seventh & Eighth Grade Classrooms
Seventh graders will spend much of their time in the lower portion of the former seventh grade wing as well as the former sixth grade wing. Meanwhile, eighth grade classrooms have extended to the majority of the upstairs, save for the Foreign Language Department which remains in the same place.

New Gymnasium
The gymnasium has been restored with new bleachers, safety equipment and an overall cleaner appearance.

Indoor/Outdoor Sports
We have accommodations for all of our sports teams including a soccer field, tennis courts, outdoor track, wrestling room and swimming pool. Our volleyball and basketball teams play in the gymnasium while our home football games are played at the high school.

Two Cafeterias
The new sixth grade wing boasts its own cafeteria with an independent staff while the existing cafetorium is now exclusively for seventh and eighth graders as well as special events, performances and assemblies.

Music Room
Our music program is expanding and is expected to grow in size by 50% by the 2013-14 school year. Expect class sizes to increase as we search for new members for our staff.

In the past decade our greenhouse had fallen below usable condition, but with a new interest in environmental education, faculty, staff and community volunteers, along with biology classes from all grade levels have worked together for the past two years to rebuild our old greenhouse from the ground up.